Großbeerenstr. 93, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Greetings from Lena Werner (MdB)

Thank you Lena Werner (Member of the German Parliament) for your welcoming message to our Tech Leader Round Table and Show Case.

Lena Werner (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD)) is a member of the Deutscher Bundestag and Economic Committee of the federal republic of Germany. She strongly supports Start-Ups #startups, as they are the foundation of our economic future and prosperity.

In her welcome message Lena highlights current political changes and new policies like the Digital Markets Act #digitalmarketsact, that will regulate for big gate keeper technologies (like Meta) to allow #interoperability.

This interoperability is the basis of is developing a social network and communication tools for associations, social groups and community clubs. One of the first solutions developed is A tool that allows to connect and automatically synchronize group chats across different messenger platforms.

Thank you again Lena for your kind message, your ongoing support to make successful as well as for your great political engagement for start-ups, socially responsible economics as well as fair market conditions.